Vitamins, Amino acids

Weight gain
Vitamin and mineral supplementation
  • Contains a rich complex of vitamins and amino acids
  • Supports the overall condition of the herd at critical moments of the production cycle
  • Supplements vitamin deficiencies in the period after infections,
  • Supports proper growth and development of animals

Product type: liquid

Available capacities: 5L

How does MULTIVITAMINO work?

MULTIVITAMINO is a complete preparation supporting the condition of animals during periods of high demand for vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is especially recommended during the period of convalescence after infections. Amino acids are the basic building block and influence the functioning of the body due to the wide spectrum of their action in every aspect of physiological processes. Zinc has a beneficial effect on bones, skin and its products, and has a positive effect on tissue regeneration processes by stimulating the synthesis of cellular proteins and collagen. The folic acid contained in the preparation is necessary for the proper course of reproductive processes, it takes part in DNA synthesis and affects the proper development of the nervous system. Vitamin D3 stimulates the absorption of calcium, determines the proper mineral structure, density and formation processes of bones and egg shells. Vitamin E is a very strong antioxidant and supports immune processes. Vitamin A has a positive effect on the condition and regeneration of mucous membranes, while vitamin K supports blood clotting processes and takes part in the metabolism of bone tissue. Vitamin B12 is a coenzyme of biochemical reactions, key in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, it also participates in hematopoietic processes and determines the proper functioning of the nervous system. Thanks to the content of oregano and cumin extracts, it supports the absorption of vitamins and minerals.


Expected results

  • Supports herd’s condition


How to dose Multivitamino?
Standard use: 500 ml/1000 L of drinking water in ½ of the daily water drunk for 5-7 days

Composition in 1L/1kg

Hydrolyzed animal protein (9.6.1), Potassium chloride (11.5.1), Propylene glycol (13.11.1)

Dietary additives: Vitamins and well-defined substances with vitamin-like effects: Vitamin A (3a672b) – 10,000 IU, Vitamin D3 (3a671) – 5,000 IU, Vitamin E (3a700) – 2,000 mg, Vitamin K (3a711) – 500 mg, Vitamin B1 (3a820) – 1000 mg, Vitamin B2 (3a826) – 2500 mg, Vitamin B6 (3a831) – 2000 mg, Vitamin B12 – 0.8 mg, Calcium D-pantothenate (3a841) – 1500 mg, Folic acid (3a316) ) – 3 mg, Niacinamide (3a315) – 1000 mg, Biotin (3a880) – 100 mg, Choline (choline chloride)(3a890) – 750 mg, Betaine (3a920) – 1000 mg, Carnitine (3a910) – 1000 mg,
Amino acids: Tryptophan (3c440) – 100 mg,
Trace elements: Zinc (hydrated glycine zinc chelate – solid form) (3b607) – 500 mg, Manganese (manganese chelate of glycine hydrate)(3b506) – 500 mg, Copper (glycine chelate of copper (II)) hydrate – solid)(3b413) – 500 mg,
Preservatives: Potassium sorbate (1k202) – 1000 mg,
Emulsifiers: Polyoxyethylene castor oil (E484) – 40000 mg

Analytical ingredients

Crude protein – 0%, crude fiber – 0%, crude oils and fats – 0%, crude ash – 1%, methionine – 0.1%, lysine – 0.1%, sodium – 0.5%, calcium – 0% , phosphorus – 0%

100g of protein hydrolyzate contains: alanine – 8400 mg, arginine – 7700 mg, aspartic acid – 4500 mg, glutamic acid – 10000 mg, glycine – 23300 mg, histidine – 900 mg, hydroxylysine – 1500 mg, hydroxyproline – 12300 mg, isoleucine – 1200 mg, leucine – 2600 mg, lysine – 3300 mg, methionine – 900 mg, phenylalanine – 1600 mg, proline – 13700 mg, serine – 3400 mg, threonine – 1900 mg, tyrosine – 600 mg, valine – 2200 mg

Note: Do not use together with water containing choline chloride.

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