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Chicken diseases – BioPoint preparations – support in the fight

Every poultry farmer, regardless of flock size, wants to keep their birds in good health. Sometimes infections in hens occur even in the most well-kept farms. Bacteria, protozoa and fungi are increasingly resistant to home remedies, which does not mean that they can only be removed with antibiotics. Choose antibiotic-free preparations available at BioPoint.

Are you afraid of chicken disease? Take care of prevention!

For nearly 20 years, the Polish manufacturer of antibiotic-free solutions for livestock has been supporting poultry and pig owners in the fight against livestock diseases. BioPoint produces, among others: preparations for poultry that are highly trusted by hen farmers and help fight the most popular chicken diseases.

Most of the company's products can also be used preventively - to keep animals healthy throughout the year. Due to the specific nature of chicken breeding, many birds stay in one place, so the appearance of a disease in even one hen may pose a threat to the entire flock. What infections in chickens are the most common threat? These are chicken diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Effective preparations for bacterial infections in hens

Bacterial diseases include, among others: infections in chickens caused by anaerobic bacteria Clostridium spp and E. coli bacteria. In the first case, it is worth using CLOSTRIC, which can be safely used even just before selling hens for slaughter and during the laying period of poultry. The ingredients of the preparation damage the membranes and structures of bacterial cells and disturb their metabolism. Additionally, they help reduce the effects of infections occurring in the digestive tracts of chickens by supporting the digestion and absorption of feed ingredients.

If you are afraid of colibacteriosis in chickens caused by E. coli bacteria, choose COLItin. The ingredients contained in the preparation damage the membranes and structures of bacterial cells. Additionally, they support the herd's natural immunity by increasing phagocytic activity and activating macrophages. COLItin can be safely used in the initial period of infection, as well as in situations when you cannot use an antibiotic. It is also worth using it prophylactically when colibacteriosis appears on the farm in each production cycle.

Fighting a parasitic disease in chickens

A serious disease of chickens is coccidiosis, caused by parasites. Animals become infected while eating. BIOCOX supports birds in the fight against infection by directly affecting protozoa. It is effective when chickens are sick and as a preventive measure. The preparation stops infections in chickens by disturbing the physiological processes of protozoa and their development cycle. BIOCOX helps birds rebuild the natural defense barrier of the digestive tract.

Choose poultry products from BioPoint and don't worry about chicken diseases.