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Colistin for poultry – can we replace antibiotics?

Colistin is one of the antibiotics used to treat diseases of the digestive system and intestines caused by bacteria from the Enterobacteriaceae family. These infections affect all species and production groups of livestock. Antibiotics are effective, but they are not neutral to the body, and their common use is associated with the risk of bacterial resistance. With BioPoint's natural products, you can use safe antibiotic-free solutions and take comprehensive care of your chicken's health.

Colistin for poultry? Learn about antibiotic-free treatment methods

The use of antibiotics usually has quick results, but it also has negative effects. BioPoint has developed natural, antibiotic-free methods of livestock support so that flock owners can safely support their animals. This is especially important when, due to laying hens or the close date of sale of birds for slaughter, colistin for poultry cannot be used.

The solution is COLItin, which strengthens birds during infections, supports the natural antibacterial immunity of hens and improves the condition of the entire flock. The active ingredients in COLItin damage bacterial cell structures while stimulating the production of bile and digestive enzymes. The product supports immunity by stimulating phagocytic activity and activating macrophages. The effect of use can be noticed within 1 to 3 days of use.

Prophylactic use can help reduce the use of colistin for poultry

Colistin for poultry is a solution used when an infection occurs in the flock. To prevent this from happening, it is worth taking measures to strengthen the condition of the chickens and reduce the risk of a bacterial infection. Taking care of the condition of the digestive tract, which we can support by using probiotics and acidifiers, will be of great importance in limiting the use of antibiotics, including colistin. They will additionally help limit the multiplication of pathogenic microflora.

Acid Orego Liquid, Acid Pro, Izo Activ, Multi Activ Plus, Multi Activ and Zincid Lacti are acidifiers manufactured by BioPoint. Each of them can be successfully used to improve the condition of the herd and prevent the development of bacterial and viral infections. To make colistin for poultry unnecessary, it is also worth using probiotics, which include Enterocid Duoo, Enterocid Grower and Enterocid Trio.

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