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Diarrhea in chickens – prevention is better than cure

Diarrhoea in hens is one of the diseases that negatively affects the condition of the birds and can lead to even more serious health problems. One source of the disease is anaerobic bacteria from the Clostridium spp family, causing foamy diarrhoea in hens. Quickly noticed diarrhoea in hens is relatively easy to control. Daily observation of the flock will enable action to be taken as soon as the problem appears, thereby reducing the negative economic impact.

Diarrhea in chickens can be defeated effectively with herbal support.

BioPoint relies on natural solutions to help birds fight indigestion and diarrhoea. Each product can also be safely used in poultry when antibiotics cannot be used for treatment due to the laying period or the close date of slaughter. Natural, antibiotic-free solutions provide comprehensive support for poultry in the fight against diseases and infections of various origins.

Biolax Plus is a mixture of herbs with a high content of tannins. It is especially recommended in the initial period of wet litter. The active ingredients in the product support the birds' digestive system, help remove toxins and prevent dehydration when water loss is high. Preventing dehydration will help stop the decline in hen condition. In addition, tannins stimulate the chicken's digestive enzymes and improve the absorption of nutrients.

Biolax V Plus has been additionally enriched with agrimony extract. This increases the amount of tannins in the preparation. The product supports the animals comprehensively when diarrhoea occurs in chickens. Dandelion extract supports the liver function of birds and has a cholagogic and cholepoietic effect.

Clostridium in poultry? We have a solution!

Clostridium in poultry is caused by the bacteria Clostridium spp. Clostric can be used to help fight the bacteria and defeat clostridium in poultry. Quick effects are possible thanks to active substances that damage bacterial cell membranes and structures, while disrupting bacterial metabolism.

The preparation improves the appetite of hens, increasing the digestion and absorption of feed ingredients.

The use of Clostric against clostridium in poultry brings quick results - they can be noticed 1 to 3 days after starting the treatment. It can be used in animals that cannot receive antibiotics for various reasons. Natural solutions in the treatment of poultry should also be supported by preventive measures, e.g. using acidifiers and probiotics for poultry from BioPoint.