Meet our research and development department

Thanks to the combination of the wisdom of nature and the achievements of technology, BioPoint products were created. Their mission is to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal breeding.

Production facility

Our production plant is located in Masuria, where we constantly introduce modern manufacturing methods (e.g. BIOPOINT ALL IN TECHNOLOGY) , mainly focusing on herbal extraction techniques.

Herbs are an extremely valuable resource, characterized by the presence of unique substances that we use to develop innovative products, dedicated to solving specific problems in animal breeding.


Our laboratory

Every raw material and finished product is examined by our qualified team in a modern laboratory.


Deals with the control of basic product parameters, such as density, acidity, solubility, etc. Both basic laboratory equipment and more advanced membrane or spectrophotometric techniques are used.


Focuses on the precise analysis of quantities of selected active substances, both plant and synthetic. The use of gas and liquid chromatographs with mass spectrometry offers unlimited possibilities to conduct even the most detailed studies, in terms of quality control and product purity.

research department

Equipped with high-class equipment for sterile work with microorganisms. This allows us to both thoroughly assess the microbiological purity of the product and perform quality control of our probiotic products.

Quality guarantee

Every raw material and finished product is tested by our qualified team in a modern laboratory.

All products we bring to the market must comply with specific quality standards contained in the FAMIQS system, which we implemented in 2018. This is one of the world's leading feed quality and safety management systems for the speciality ingredients sector.
The FAMI-QS code addresses safety, quality and regulatory compliance to minimise risks and ensure safe and legal speciality feed ingredients are brought to market. The key features of FAMI-QS are: HACCP, monitoring, transparency, facilitating market access to exchange products internationally, supporting feed and food safety throughout the value chain. FAMI-QS guarantees the highest quality products. In addition to FAMI-QS, the quality of our products is also confirmed by GMP, ISO 9001 and QS certification.

Unique technology

What definitely sets us apart from others is our patented BIOPOINT ALL IN TECHNOLOGY production technology. It guarantees the quality, repeatability and durability of the product by enabling production standardisation and maintaining the quality of products at the same level, regardless of the batch.

The BIOPOINT ALL IN TECHNOLOGY process consists of 7 key steps:

1. Careful selection of raw materials

Careful selection of raw materials

BioPoint's many years of experience show that a properly selected raw material guarantees the quality and effectiveness of the product, which is why we place such a high value on careful selection of raw material suppliers.
2. Quality control of raw material

Quality control of raw material

The High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) process allows us to select raw materials with the highest level of active substances.
3. Extraction


We perform extraction using two water-alcoholic solvents, which, combined with an appropriately selected processing temperature and special stabilizers, guarantee the appropriate level of active substances.
4. Microfiltration


At this stage, we filter out unnecessary substances that may clog the drinking lines and limit the activity of the product after opening.
5. Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis

The extract is concentrated many times to obtain the maximum content of active substances such as allicin, ajoene, diallyl disulfide. During the reverse osmosis process, the solvent that is unnecessary at this stage is also removed from the extract. This allows the maximum therapeutic dose of the product to be obtained.
6. Standardization of active substances

Standardization of active substances

Only extracts that, after microfiltration and reverse osmosis, contain minimal amounts of active substances specified in our recipe, pass to the next stage of production.
7. Active herbal extract

Active herbal extract

Unique products

The active herbal extract obtained in BIOPOINT ALL IN TECHNOLOGY exhibits a high concentration of active substances with synergistic effects, and our unique products containing such a prepared extract are characterised by:
  • high efficiency and activity of the product throughout its shelf life
  • constant level of active ingredients and elimination of inactive substances
  • constant activity of the product along the entire length of the drinking line with a simultaneous low dosage
  • less susceptibility to external factors

ALL-IN technology

Thanks to production using ALL IN Technology, we finally obtain products without unnecessary ballast substances (allergens) and carriers (e.g. excessive water), while purifying the extract to a clear form, and thus high concentration of active substances by condensing the extract in the reverse osmosis process.

This method preserves volatile and temperature-unstable compounds, and its universal nature allows a variety of herbs and their parts (root, leaf, herb, flower) to be extracted efficiently, without fear of losing their properties.