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Colibacteriosis in chickens – dangerous E. Coli bacteria

Colibacteriosis is a dangerous poultry disease caused by the E. Coli bacteria. Interestingly, this pathogen naturally occurs in the digestive tract of poultry without causing any negative effects. However, when pathogenic serotypes occur or immunity weakens, the E. Coli bacteria causes colibacteriosis, which can severely devastate the birds' bodies.

Colibacteriosis also threatens humans

Colibacteriosis in chickens can cause large economic losses for the farmer, but it is also dangerous because it poses a threat to humans. The source of human infection is contact, e.g. during slaughter, with contaminated poultry carcasses. In order to ensure the safety of the family and the farm workers, it is advisable to ensure proper breeding conditions to prevent colibacteriosis.

When colibacteriosis occurs in chickens, the age of the animals or their production group does not matter. The disease affects all production groups, and infection occurs via food or inhalation, through direct contact with sick birds or their secretions. Interestingly, the disease can also be transmitted by humans, rodents and other parasites. Colibacteriosis is caused by breeding in poorly ventilated rooms, high density of poultry and improper nutrition.

Choose COLItin to stop colibacteriosis in chickens from threatening your farm

COLItin is a natural support in the fight against colibacteriosis. It should be used when the disease occurs, but also during the period of increased risk of colibacteriosis. COLItin works perfectly when colibacteriosis occurs in hens intended for sale to slaughterhouses or when hens are laying. Preventive use of the product reduces the risk of the disease if it occurs during each poultry production cycle.

Effects of using the preparation are visible after 1-3 days. Active ingredients damage the membranes and structures of bacterial cells, stimulate the production of bile and digestive enzymes, and support the natural immunity of birds - increasing phagocytic activity and activating macrophages.

Colibacteriosis in chickens? Provide extra support for your birds

BioPoint offers many preparations that improve the immunity of chickens, thus providing preventive support and eliminating the damage that may be caused by colibacteriosis in chickens. Enterocid Grower supports the balance of the gastrointestinal microflora, Booster supports immunity, and Mintamix supports the regeneration of the mucous membranes of the respiratory system, also improving breathing comfort.