Poultry, During periods of infection

Red mite in chickens – how to fight the parasite?

Poultry, like other livestock, are exposed to various parasites and pathogens. Most of them are therefore difficult to detect. These include a mite known as the chicken Red mite. It may be found in the cracks of the henhouse or in the nests of laying hens. Although Red mite in chickens can be dangerous, it can be effectively combated.

How does Red mite attack chickens?

Chicken Red mite is a small mite (less than 1 mm long) with a flattened, oval body. It is grey-yellow and feeds on the blood of poultry. It comes out to feed at night, attacking birds while they sleep. During the day, it hides under the floor, in the cracks of the hen house boards and in the nests of laying hens. Chicken Red mite can also live in the nests of other birds, e.g. starlings and swallows. At high humidity, mite larvae develop very quickly - it only takes a week to reach full maturity.

Red mite is one of the most troublesome parasites. It also attacks birds living in cages and backyard poultry, regardless of the age of the birds. The parasite attack causes anaemia in the hens and persistent pruritus. Hens become nervous, change their sleeping places - sometimes the hens leave the henhouse and spend the night on nearby bushes. Red mite is also dangerous to humans, pets and other farm animals.

Take care of your poultry's hygiene

The easiest way to prevent bird Red mites from attacking poultry is to provide the birds with appropriate zoohygienic conditions. The basis is good quality bedding, which will provide the hens with proper living conditions. All farm rooms should be well ventilated, and the birds must have constant access to fresh water. If you add young hens to the flock, check whether they have any parasites. It is also worth checking the farm equipment on the farm for the presence of parasites.

If Red mite has appeared on your farm, start by thoroughly cleaning the room where the chickens live. First, move the birds to another location and thoroughly clean the building. Throw away the bedding and feed and carefully wash the room, waterers and feeders - including even the smallest nooks and crannies. When everything is dry, fill the room with dry bedding and only then move the poultry into it.

Defeat red mite in chickens

Chicken  Red mite is a dangerous parasite that many breeders struggle with. Proper hygiene, ensuring appropriate living conditions and caring for the support of chickens' bodies with vitamin preparations is a simple way to prevent chicken Red mite from threatening your farm.