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The majority of BioPoint preparations are created from herbal extracts prepared using BioPoint’s technology.
Interactions between BioPoint supplements and the medicines used on the farm are possible. Detailed information can be obtained from veterinarians.
Most BioPoint products can be used in all age groups of animals. Unless your veterinarian advises otherwise, special caution should be exercised when using Biotix S and Salivet in several-day-old animals.
When maintaining the recommended doses, we do not observe any side effects of the preparations used. During emergency administration of some preparations, water consumption may be temporarily reduced. Therapy should not be interrupted in this case.
Depending on the problem that occurred on the farm, the effect of use can be observed from the 1st to the 3rd day of using the preparation.
Yes, after using preparations containing phytoncides, a probiotic should be administered for 2-3 days.
No, all BioPoint feed additives are without a grace period.
For some preparations, your veterinarian may recommend using a higher dose than indicated on the label or may extend the administration time.
It is recommended to store BP products at room temperature, in a dry and shaded place. After opening the product, it is recommended to use it within 3 days (this does not apply to acidifiers). The product should not be frozen or overheated (storage temperatures below 0 degrees and above 30 degrees are not recommended.)
Yes, hard water or water with a high content of individual minerals may make it difficult to dissolve some preparations or cause precipitations and sediments.
Biofilm in drinking lines may have a negative impact on most preparations and medicines used with drinking water.
Most BioPoint preparations can be used in water poultry, we recommend consulting a veterinarian.

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