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Coccidiosis in chickens – an easy way to defeat it?

Coccidiosis of chickens is an intestinal parasitic disease caused by the protozoan Eimeria spp. It is dangerous for chickens, which can contract coccidiosis through the environment in which they live. The protozoan oocysts that cause coccidiosis of chickens live in the litter and faeces. Main symptoms of coccidiosis are a decrease in weight gain, differentiation of the birds and diarrhoea, which may contain admixtures of blood.

Coccilin V Plus – coccidiosis in chickens can be cured

Coccilin V Plus is a natural preparation from BioPoint that effectively supports poultry in the fight against coccidiosis. It is extremely effective, also as a preventive measure against Eimeria spp. infections. Coccidiosis in chickens is stopped thanks to the negative impact of the active substances on the structures of oocysts and the physiological processes of protozoa (e.g. sporulation). The preparation supports the birds' immune system in the fight against many parasites and increases the poultry's appetite, thereby improving the performance of the organisms despite the ongoing infection of chicken coccidiosis.

As support for Coccilin V Plus, it is also worth using other BioPoint preparations. Booster will help to strengthen the birds' immunity. Salivet Plus, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, will help to improve the comfort of the birds. Clostric, which limits infections with anaerobic bacteria, will also be helpful in the case of coccidiosis.

Coccidiosis in chickens? Choose Biocox

Is it possible to defeat coccidiosis in poultry in a natural way, without the use of antibiotics? It is possible thanks to the use of Biocox from BioPoint. The product acts directly on protozoa and increases the local immunity of birds, thus supporting the poultry body in the fight against coccidiosis. It can be used prophylactically to prevent and when chicken coccidiosis is detected. The effective action of the preparation allows you to eliminate economic losses caused by coccidiosis.

Biocox is effective because it disrupts the enzyme activity of protozoa, the integrity of the cellular structure and the life cycle of parasites. Additionally, natural active substances (Oregano, Cinnamomum verum, Star anise and Tea tree) stimulate the poultry's appetite and digestive processes, increasing the birds' performance. At the same time, Biocox ingredients support the formation and secretion of bile, which is the body's natural weapon in the fight against gastrointestinal parasites.

Coccidiosis in chickens can be combated faster by supporting the poultry body with Booster, Salivet Plus and Clostric preparations produced by BioPoint.