Artichoke, Milk thistle, dandelion, Choline

Liver function
Laying hen supplementation
Sow supplementation
  • Protects and regenerates the liver
  • Supports the production and secretion of bile, thus improving digestion processes, especially fats
  • Supports regeneration and protects liver cells against damage and steatosis
  • Supports the body during periods of risk of poisoning by preventing the penetration of toxins into liver cells

Product type: liquid

Available capacity: 5L

How does HEPAMIX PLUS work?

HEPAMIX PLUS contains a complex of herbal extracts and ingredients, including: L-carnitine, betaine and choline, which support the metabolic functions of the liver as well as its regeneration processes. It is especially recommended during the period of intensive growth and laying as a support for the liver, where key metabolic changes take place. It helps reduce liver dysfunction and the occurrence of steatosis during periods of risk of exposure to toxins and disturbances in the fat balance in the feed. HEPAMIX PLUS ingredients increase the production and secretion of bile, thus improving digestion, especially of fat. They support the regulation of fat metabolism in the body and participate in their transport through mitochondrial membranes. They also support regeneration and protect liver cells against damage and steatosis.

Expected results

  • reduces the occurrence of liver dysfunction
  • reduces the occurrence of fatty liver disease

How to dose HEPAMIX PLUS?

How to dose Hepamix plus?
Standard: 250-500 ml/1000 l of drinking water, in ½ of the daily water drunk, 3-5 days

HEPAMIX PLUS we recommend use with the following products:

Support duringSupportive productWhy provide a supporting product?How to dose the supporting product together with Hepamix Plus?
Liver disorders related to fat metabolismLIPIDOXTo support liver function and fat metabolism250-500 ml/1000 l of water, in the second ½ of the water drunk daily, 5-7 days
BIENERGYAdditional support for fat metabolism100 ml/1000 l of water, in the second ½ of the water drunk daily, 3-7 days
PoisoningNEFRIL LIQUIDTo support detoxification processes500 ml/1000 l of water, in the second ½ of the water drunk daily, 3-5 days
Liver function disorders during eggshell quality disturbancesD3+CALCIUMTo support the quality of bones and eggshells240 ml/1000 kg, 3-5 dni

Clinical Case No. 1

I. Herd

Chicken broiler ROSS 308, 39 days old

II. Clinical symptoms

Increased daily mortality to 100 birds, decreased weight gain, decreased bird activity, bruising.

III. Anatomopathological changese

Post-mortem examination revealed:

  • Enlarged livers with discolouration, friable consistency, with visible signs of steatosis
  • Fat deposits in and around the liver (Fig. 1) and in the body cavity (Fig. 2), ascites

Fig. 1 Fat deposits in and around the liver

Fig. 2 Fat deposits in the body cavity

IV. Diagnosis


V. Recommendations

For 4 consecutive days, alternate:

HEPAMIX PLUS 500 ml / 1000l of drinking water / 16 h

BIOENERGY 100 ml / 1000l of drinking water / 16 h

HEPAMIX PLUS was used to protect and support the regeneration and functioning of the liver during infection.

BIOENERGY was used to additionally support liver metabolic processes and processes related to fat metabolism.

VI. Effects

Autopsy revealed no excessive fat deposits, but mild hepatomegaly was still observed. Daily mortality of the birds decreased to 60 birds (Figure 1). Daily weight gain until sale of birds normative.

Graph showing the reduction in daily bird mortality:

Clinical Case No. 2

I. Herd

HYBRID XL turkey, 12 weeks of bird life

II. Clinical symptoms

A sudden increase in bird mortality to 120 birds per day was observed on the farm. Additionally, apathy, cyanosis and dyspnoea of birds were observed.

III. Anatomopathological changes

Post-mortem examination revealed:

  • livers with friable consistency, in one case with visible cholestasis (Fig. 1)
  • enlarged livers with a variable number of pale yellow and dark discolourations

Fig. 1 Fragile liver with cholestasis

Fig. 2 Enlarged liver with pale yellow and dark discolourations

IV. Diagnosis


V. Recommendations

In weeks 12, 13 and 14, for 4 consecutive days alternately:

HEPAMIX PLUS 500 ml / 1000l of drinking water / 16 h

SALIVET PLUS 500 ml / 1000l of drinking water / 16 h

VI. Effects

At the end of the treatment, a reduction in liver steatosis and a reduction in the herd’s daily mortality to 40 animals were observed. The herd did not reach the target weight and was sold before reaching the target age.

Graph showing bird mortality

Manufactured using ALL – IN technology

All-In Technology is a patented technology for obtaining and standardizing herbal preparations. Each production stage is subject to strict control, from the selection of raw materials, through extraction, to the creation of the finished product.

Key features of patented all-in technology:

High product activity throughout its shelf life​

Constant product activity along the entire length of the drinking line​

Constant level of active ingredients​

Less susceptibility to external factors​

Low dosage, high efficiency​

Elimination of inactive substances​

Composition in 1L/1kg

Propylene glycol (13.11.1), Glycerin (13.8.2)

Flavoring substances: Blend of flavoring substances – 255,000 mg obtained from 2500g of plant extracts), L-leucine (2b17012) – 300 mg, D, L-isoleucine (2b17010) – 100 mg, L-valine (2b17028) – 300 mg;
Dietary additives: Vitamins: Vitamin B1 (3a820) – 1,000 mg, vitamin B2 (riboflavin phosphate in the form of sodium salt) (3a826) – 700 mg, vitamin B6 (3a831) – 1,000 mg, choline (choline chloride) (3a890) – 6,750 mg, betaine anhydrous (3a920) – 750 mg;
Chemically well-defined substances with vitamin-like effects: L-carnitine (3a910) – 1,000 mg;

Analytical ingredients

Crude protein – 0%, crude fiber – 0%, crude oils and fats – 0%, crude ash – 0.5%, lysine – 0%, methionine – 0%, calcium – 0%, sodium – 0%, phosphorus – 0%, magnesium-0%.


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