Poultry, During periods of infection

Bird flu – defeat a contagious and dangerous disease

Bird flu is an extremely dangerous disease that is very contagious and can also be infected by humans. Among poultry, this viral disease can cause up to 100% flock mortality. The disease, formerly called poultry fever, is caused by the type A influenza virus. It is worth ensuring good immunity in poultry, thanks to which bird flu will not pose a threat to the flock.

Focus on prevention so that bird flu does not bother you

The immune system of chickens is a tool that protects the birds' bodies against many diseases. To be effective, it needs proven prevention that will strengthen the poultry's body in the fight against ubiquitous pathogens that cause chicken diseases, which also include bird flu. A good condition of the immune system is the basis for fighting pathogens.

BioPoint solutions, which are important in the prevention of bird flu because they support the immune system, include products such as: Eselen Plus, which contains a large dose of vitamin E and organic selenium. The product is also recommended to prevent circulatory system disorders. Antiviral protection is also supported by Virprotect, which can be an effective preparation in the fight against many viral infections. Virprotect can also be used in combination with other preparations, e.g. Biotix S.

Thanks to advances in science, it is possible to effectively limit the spread of the disease known as bird flu. In order to be effective, it is worthwhile to additionally support the condition of the birds by giving them preparations that support the immune system. One of the preparations strengthening poultry is Booster from the Professional line. It is a powerful immunostimulator that supports poultry during times of increased risk of spreading bacterial and viral infections. Booster supports post-vaccination immune processes and enhances the effectiveness of other preparations used for prevention and therapy.

Are you scared of bird flu? Take care of your flock's immunity

Is there a way to prevent bird flu from affecting poultry? There is no reliable method to stop the development of the virus, but it is worth ensuring comprehensive support for the birds' bodies. MCM Chelate is a product containing copper, manganese and zinc in the form of chelates, i.e. complexes with an amino acid, with high bioavailability. Complex AD3EK is a concentrated vitamin preparation that will increase the immunity of birds. It will also be an excellent solution when bird flu appears near the farm.