Poultry, During periods of infection, Heat stress

Lethargic hen – solve poultry problems with BioPoint products

A lethargic hen is a term used to describe birds that behave unnaturally. They may have a decreased appetite, ruffled feathers, or become isolated from other individuals. Lethargy is a symptom of most diseases that threaten hens, including those caused by viral and bacterial infections, such as salmonella. It is very important to take comprehensive care and react as soon as we notice that a lethargic hen appears in the flock.

Factors that increase the risk of poultry diseases include weakness, decreased immunity, lack of proper hygiene and heat stress. However, there are proven ways to deal with diseases and eliminate the risk of a lethargic hen.

Biotix S – a proven antibacterial preparation

Bacteria and viruses that cause diseases in poultry are extremely dangerous not only for chickens, but also for humans. How to recognize that poultry is at risk of disease? One of the surest signs is a lethargic hen. A sign of problems is not only the weakening of individuals in the flock, but also ruffled feathers and weakened egg production. Eggs laid by infected hens may have weakened or bloody shells. If, in addition, the hens' combs and bells change color, we should start treating the poultry.

Biotix S is a concentrated natural product that supports chickens against many diseases. It can be an excellent support in measures to ensure the biosecurity of the farm, but it will also inhibit the development of respiratory and digestive system infections and joint diseases caused by pathogens. Biotix S is one of the most effective preparations that will help the flock fight the problem of a lethargic hen. This is a great antibiotic-free solution.

Lethargic hen? Start with preventive measures

It is worth starting the fight against the problem of lethargic chickens long before it appears. For this purpose, use preparations that will comprehensively support the health and condition of chickens. Acidifiers, probiotics and mixtures of vitamins and minerals will work perfectly in this role.

The acidifiers available at BioPoint contain herbal extracts, including: oregano. Probiotic products from the Enterocid line contain probiotic strains that support the digestive system of chickens by regulating the gastrointestinal microflora. It is also worth using them as a product that rebuilds the balance of intestinal microflora after antibiotic therapy.

Comprehensive mixtures of vitamins and minerals should be given to hens all year round, with particular emphasis on periods of increased demand and mineral deficiencies. BioPoint preparations that support the fight against the problem of lethargic hen are natural, safe and easy to administer. Just give them to the birds with drinking water, and the easily absorbed substances will begin to affect the animals' bodies.