Probiotics, Dandelion, Vitamins, Amino acids

Healthy start
  • Supports the chicks’ body during the period of adaptation to new environmental conditions
  • Supports the growth rate of chicks
  • Provides ingredients that influence the condition of chicks and make their bones stronger
  • Ensures a safer transition to the fattening phase

Product type: loose (granules)

Available capacities: 1kg, 5kg

How does BIOSTARTER ADD work?

BIOSTARTER ADD supports the chicks’ body during the period of adaptation to new environmental conditions after the hatching stage and after transport to the farm. It helps reduce the impact of stress on the growth and development processes of chicks. The BIOSTARTER ADD form of use allows other preparations or drugs to be administered at the same time with drinking water. The pumpkin and wheat grain matrix is an additional source of energy and nutrients for birds. Probiotic bacteria support digestion processes, create a biofilm in the digestive tract that serves as a barrier to pathogens, and support the growth and development of intestinal structures. Dandelion supports liver function and digestive processes. Amino acids constitute building material and determine proper growth. Vitamin D3, calcium and zinc have a beneficial effect on bone formation processes and immunity. Vitamins A, B and biotin take part in biochemical processes responsible for the proper growth, development and functioning of the body.

Expected results

  • Supports the condition of chicks


How to dose Biostarter Add?
Standard use: 1000 g/5000 chicks

BIOSTARTER ADD we recommend use with the following products:

Support duringSupportive productWhy provide a supporting product?How to dose a supporting product together with Biostarter ADD?
Heat stressBIOSTARTER LIQUIDTo enhance the effect500 ml/1000 l of water, in ½ of the daily water drunk, 3-5 days after the chicks are placed in

Composition in 1L/1kg

Wheat grain flour (1.12.2), Pumpkin and cucurbit seeds (2.13.1), Hydrolyzed animal protein (pork) (9.6.1), Herbs (Dandelion, Oregano) (6.6.3), Beetroot (products plant processing) (13.1.7), Vegetable oils and fats (rapeseed oil) (2.20.1), Mono-dicalcium phosphate (11.3.2), Fructo-oligosaccharides (4.1.14), Sorbitol (13.5.5), Fermented products dairy (8.8.1)

Sensory additives: Mixture of flavoring substances: 2500 mg,
Dietary additives: Vitamins: Vitamin A (3a672b) – 10000 IU, Vitamin D3 (3a671) – 3000 IU, Vitamin E (3a700) -750 mg, Vitamin K (3a711) – 40 mg , Vitamin B1 (3a820) – 40 mg, Vitamin B2 (3a826) – 120 mg, Vitamin B6 (3a831) – 60 mg, Vitamin B12 (3a835) – 0.3 mg, Biotin (3a880) – 3.7 mg,
Stabilizers intestinal flora: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940 (min. 1×109 CFU/g) (4b1822) – 20,000 mg,
Trace elements: Zinc (hydrated glycine zinc chelate – solid form) (3b607) – 15 mg

Analytical ingredients

crude protein – 23.9%, crude fiber – 5.8%, crude oils and fats – 3.5%, crude ash – 1%, methionine – 0.1%, lysine – 0.1%, sodium – 0, 5%, calcium – 0.5%, phosphorus – 0.5%; 100g of pork gelatin hydrolyzate contains: alanine – 8400 mg, arginine – 7700 mg, aspartic acid – 4500 mg, glutamic acid – 10000 mg, glycine – 23300 mg, histidine – 900 mg, hydroxylysine – 1500 mg, hydroxyproline – 12300 mg, isoleucine – 1200 mg, leucine – 2600 mg, lysine – 3300 mg, methionine – 900 mg, phenylalanine – 1600 mg, proline – 13700 mg, serine – 3400 mg, threonine – 1900 mg, tyrosine – 600 mg, valine – 2200 mg

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