White willow, Filipendula ulmaria

Inflammatory conditions
  • Contains natural salicylates
  • Strengthens the natural immunity of the respiratory system
  • Supports in times of inflammation and pain
  • Supports the condition of birds during the period of infection

Product type: loose product (powder)

Available capacities: 4kg

How does SALIVET P work?

SALIVET P was created especially for intensively run pig farms, exposed to inflammation of various etiologies, often occurring in rapidly growing animals. Natural salicylates support the stressed body during problems with the locomotor and cardiovascular systems.”

Expected results

  • Helps reduce inflammation

How to dose SALIVET P?

How to dose Salivet P?
Standard: 500 – 1000 g/1000 kg of feed, 3-7 days

Manufactured using ALL – IN technology

All-In Technology is a patented technology for obtaining and standardizing herbal preparations. Each production stage is subject to strict control, from the selection of raw materials, through extraction, to the creation of the finished product.

Key features of patented all-in technology:

High product activity throughout its shelf life​

Constant product activity along the entire length of the drinking line​

Constant level of active ingredients​

Less susceptibility to external factors​

Low dosage, high efficiency​

Elimination of inactive substances​

Composition in 1L/1kg

Potassium chloride (11.5.1.), sodium chloride (11.4.1.)

Sensory additives: Flavoring substances: Blend of flavoring substances – 610,000 mg,
Technological additives: Emulsifiers: Polyoxyethylene castor oil (E 484) – 5000 mg,
Anti-caking agents:
Colloidal silica (E 551b) – 383,000 mg
Standard: 500 – 1000 g/1000 kg of feed, 3-7 days

Analytical ingredients

Crude protein – 0%, crude fiber – 0%, crude oils and fats – 0%, crude ash – 39%, lysine – 0%, methionine – 0%, calcium – 0%, sodium – 0.04%, phosphorus – 0%, magnesium – 0%”

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