C Folic Liquid

Laying, hatchability, productivity, condition

C Folic liquid is a specific combination of folic acid, selenium and vitamin C and E. The deficiency of folic acid leads to the decrease in egg production (the acid is crucial for the proper functioning of the hormones responsible for the egg production), reduced hatchability levels (due to the increased embryonic mortality shortly before hatching), impeded growth, poor feathering (discolouration, roughness and breakability). The deficiency of vitamin C results in the decrease of immune resistance and disorders of bones mineralization. The deficiency of vitamin E results in poor laying performance, muscle degeneration (dystrophy), nervous system disease (uncoordinated and unsteady movement, unnatural, backwards head position). The complex of vitamins and selenium supports homeostasis and conditions proper productivity, growth, development as well as general condition of the birds.