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Phytoncides contained in Biotix have particular antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties as well as the ability to stimulate the digestive or immune functions of the body. The exhibit non-specific effects, which means they inactive bacteria, fungi or viruses in a number of diffrent ways. Their high concentration in the birds organism maintain for up to 24 hours after the administration and shows activity in various organs such as lungs, liver, intestines and stomach. 

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Mixture of aromatizing substances, glycerine, propylene glycol

Biotix is intended for each production type of group of poultry during the periods of disorders in the flock general condition:

  • Inhibits the development of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses in the gut
  • Stops the development of respiratory pathogens
  • Stimulates the gastric juice production and improves smooth muscle functioning

Transport: In order to maintain the full shelf life, Biotix should be stored in temperature not exceeding 4*C, no longer than 48h. 
Short term storage: temperature below 4*C (cooler)
Long term storage: temperature 17*C

1000 ml/1000 L of drinking water, 1/2 daily consumed water for 3-5 following days

Not applicable.