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MCM Chelat is a product with high concentration of manganese, zinc and copper chelates. High absorbability is a characteristic of chelates. Due to their specific structure, they are absorbed to a larger extent than inorganic mineral compounds (chlorides, sulphates). Zin cis an element essential for proper growth and development of young birds as well as their reproduction. Copper facilitates mineralisation of bones and cartilaginous tissue structure. Moreover, this element takes part in elastin synthesis leading to strenghthened blood vessels. Manganese conditions corect bone structure (affects bone mineralisation levels) and healthy functioning of the nervous system. MCM Chelat provides minerals which are easily absorbable. Chelates prove to be 60% more absorbable than traditional salts, thereby stimulating the immune, cardiovascular and skeletal systems.

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MCM Chelat

Zinc, copper, manganese, citric acid, sodium chloride, potassium chloride

MCM Chelat is intended for each production type or group of pig farming in case of:

  • During the first days of pigs lives
  • In periods of bone mineralisaton abnormalities
  • In cases of cardiovascular disorders
  • In growth retardation
  • In cases of manganese, zinc or copper deficiency

200-400 g/1000 l, half daily water consumption for 3-5 days

1 Kg, 4 Kg
Not applicable.