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Cardiox chelat is a new formula which supports the cardioviscular system. The advanced highly-absorbable form of chelate form of copper supported by active herbal agents and lysine ensure full-scale effect. It stimulates hematopoietic processes, prevents from heart attacks and strengthens blood vessels. 

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Cardiox chelat

Mixture of aromatizing substances, sorbitol, l-lysine, copper chelate, ortophosphoric acid

Cardiox chelat is intended for each production type or group of poultry in case of:

  • Cardioviscular congestion symptoms,
  • Heart circulation failure,
  • Cardiac system recovery and regeneration,
  • Cardiac muscle support. 

500 ml/1000 l of half daily water consumption for 3-5 days

1L, 2L, 5L
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