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Beeodine/Beeodine soft is balanced composistion to prevent the honeybee’s from the viral, fungal and bactericidal dieseases and nosemosis. Therefore, provides minimum interference from the weather changes and increases the brood efficiency. Beeodine/Beeodine soft’s active substances are good instestinal antiseptic. Herbal extracts in the compositon supports the active substance’s effeciveness. Vitamin A repairs damaged tissues, increases the cellular immunity, decreases prevalence of infection and decreases mortality rate.

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Beeodine/Beeodine Soft

iodine (E2), vitamin A (E672), cinnmaldehyde, tea tree oil, elecampane extract, pine oil, propylene glycol

  • Increases honey production
  • Increases the brood efficiency
  • Increases honeycomb knitting
  • Prevents from the disorders  resulting from fungus, bacteria and nosema disease
  • Intestinal antiseptic
  • Decreases honeybee deaths

Beeodine: 0,2 ml is added to 0,5-1 liter 1/1 sugar syrup 5 times or 1 ml 1 kg honey sugar-candy

Beeodine soft: 1 ml is added to 0,5-1 liter 1/1 sugar syrup 5 times or 5 ml 1 kg honey-sugar candy.

250 ml, 500 ml, 1L
Not applicable.