Viovit Orego Max

Viovit Orego Max is a highly condensed composition of oregano extract and substances isolated from the herb: carvacrol and thymol. The new formula combining pure oregano extract, carvacrol and thymol is even more effective in digestion support, nutrients assimilation and the growth rate, even in low dosage. The application of ALL IN Technology in Viovit Orego Max results in delivery of boosted power of oregano.

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Viovit Orego Max

mixture of flavouring compounds, carvacrol, thymol, glycerine, propylene glycol

Viovit Orego Max is intended for each production type or group of poultry in case of:

  • disorders in consumption, digestion and assimilation of feed
  • impeded growth rate and growth disorders

200 ml / 1000 L of water, 12h daily for 5 subsequent days.
For better effect it is advised to supplement the therapy with acidifying formula e.g. Multi Active.

1L, 2L, 5L
Not applicable.