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Cocclin reduces of the risk of anaerobic bacteria infections (clostridium perfringens) and protozoa infection (eimeria-sp. and histomonas meleagridis). It impedes the growth processes of the bacteria and protozoa, allowing safe and effective application of the product for animals irrespectively of their age. Apart from the direct effect of pathogens Coccilin shows distinctive anti-inflammatory and immune stimulatory activity, responsible for quick recovery and limited loss caused in course of the disease. Applied prophylactically or reactively, Coccilin could be combined with chemotherapeutics or
mineral-vitamin supplements.

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garlic extract, oregano extract, carvacrol, cinnamaldehyde, propylene glycol

Coccilin is intended for each production type or group of poultry:

  • by means of prevention from and in course of protozoa infection (coccidiosis, black head disease)
  • by means of prevention from and in course of bacterial infections,
  • during periods of immune decrease,
  • during chemotherapy.

Coccilin is particularly recommended by means of prevention during periods of high risk of
neccrotizing enterocolitis or coccidiosis.

500 ml / 1000 L drinking water, 12h daily for 5-7 days

1L, 2L, 5L
Not applicable.